How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Creating a Wikipedia page might seem daunting, especially if you're new to the platform. However, with the right approach and understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines, it's possible to create a page that accurately represents you or your business. In this article, we'll walk you through creating a Wikipedia page and answer some common questions, including whether you can make a Wikipedia page about yourself.

Can I Make a Wikipedia Page About Myself?

Yes, you can create a Wikipedia page about yourself, but several essential things must be considered. Wikipedia has notability guidelines that your article must meet, and it should be written in a neutral tone, avoiding any form of self-promotion. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

Notability Guidelines for a Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia has notability guidelines that apply to all articles. Notability is whether the article's subject is significant or interesting enough to be included in an encyclopedia. When creating a Wikipedia page, consider these factors:

  1. Significance: Are you or your business genuinely notable? Notability can be established through achievements, awards, significant contributions, or extensive coverage in independent, reliable sources. If you need more clarification, seek input from experienced Wikipedia editors.
  2. Citations: Your article must be verifiable through reliable sources. This means citing third-party references like books, newspapers, academic journals, or reputable websites with information about you or your business.
  3. Independence: Avoid citing or referencing your website, press releases, or promotional materials. Wikipedia values independent, unbiased sources.

Steps to Create a New Wikipedia Page

Creating a Wikipedia page can be broken down into a few key steps:

1. Research and Notability Assessment:

  • Research Wikipedia's notability guidelines to ensure your subject meets the criteria.
  • Gather reliable sources and references that can be used to support the article.

2. Register for a Wikipedia Account:

  • While you can edit Wikipedia without an account, having one allows you to create new articles.

3. Start with a User Sandbox:

  • Wikipedia offers user sandboxes where you can draft your article privately before publishing it. This is an excellent place to start.

4. Write the Article:

  • Follow Wikipedia's manual of style and content guidelines. Use a neutral tone and avoid promotional language.
  • If applicable, organize the article with sections like Early Life, Career, Achievements, and Controversies.

5. Cite Your Sources:

  • Ensure every statement you make in the article is backed by reliable references. Use inline citations.

6. Engage with the Wikipedia Community:

  • Wikipedia has a collaborative community of editors. Be open to suggestions and improvements from experienced editors. This collaboration helps ensure that the article meets Wikipedia's standards.

Subject-Specific Guidelines

Wikipedia has specific guidelines for articles such as biographies, businesses, events, and more. These guidelines help you tailor your article to the particular requirements of your subject. Always make sure to follow the applicable procedures for your page.

Good vs. Bad Wikipedia References

When creating a Wikipedia page, it's crucial to use reliable sources for references. Good references are typically from reputable publications or organizations that are independent and have editorial oversight. Bad references include self-published sources, promotional materials, and websites with low credibility.

Creating an Article When There's Not Enough Notability

If your business doesn't meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines, consider contributing to existing articles or building a more substantial online presence by publishing content on reputable platforms or gaining more media coverage. Notability can change over time, so revisiting the idea of creating a Wikipedia page in the future is always an option.

Should You Create Your Own Wikipedia Article?

Creating your own Wikipedia article can be challenging, especially in maintaining a neutral point of view and ensuring notability. While possible, many individuals find it beneficial to enlist the help of experienced Wikipedia editors or writers who can guide the process and help ensure the article meets Wikipedia's standards.


Creating a Wikipedia page can be a valuable way to establish your presence on one of the world's most popular reference platforms. However, it's a task that requires careful research, adherence to Wikipedia's guidelines, and often collaboration with experienced Wikipedia editors. If you meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines, proceed with confidence, but remember that the goal is to provide accurate, verifiable, and unbiased information to Wikipedia's readers.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page