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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d like to answer all your queries related to online reputations.
What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management describes how customers perceive you and take appropriate action to improve it. Reputation management is now about protecting and monitoring your brand's online reputation through customer reviews, social media, and Google search results.


Online reputation management is a continuous process that allows you to keep track of the public perception of your brand and to address any potentially negative situations as quickly as possible.


Positive reputations are a major driver of growth and revenue. Negative reputations can hurt sales and customer retention. However, it can also help you learn more about customers to improve your business processes. Developing a strategy based on your overall goals is essential for your business to thrive.

What is customer review management?

Review management is the act of reviewing customer reviews posted about your brand via social media channels. All reviews, no matter how sentimental, should be monitored and analyzed by every business, small or large.

How much does corporate reputation management cost?

Corporate reputation management pricing is based on the tools, software, or service you require. For a full-service reputation management strategy for your business, you can expect to pay $3,000 to $5,000 a month. This includes managing customer reviews, social media reputation management, paid and earned media, and proactive public relations.

Why is personal reputation management important?

Personal reputation management is important to everyone. Whether rich or poor, celebrity or average joe, everyone has a reputation. Your reputation is your greatest asset. A positive reputation can open up new opportunities, such as a new job or a promotion. Your personal reputation could make all the difference in securing a new job or being blacklisted.

How to improve your personal online reputation?

Your personal online reputation can be improved with time, effort, and consistency. There is no overnight fix. Personal reputation management should be a lifelong commitment. Even if you do not have any negative search results now, you should be proactive in controlling the information that is published about your name. This includes removing unwanted personal information, monitoring your name online and positive content, and claiming your name on social media profiles.

How much does personal reputation management cost?

The price of reputation management for individuals is based on several factors including the current state of your search results, name competition, and time and resources your reputation manager needs to commit to building your personal reputation. For a successful campaign, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 for a 6-month campaign depending on these factors.  

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