How to track your online reputation in 2023

The end of the year is an important time for your brand. You should be taking a deep dive into important factors that will influence the sentiment toward your brand. Most people think that keeping track of your online is executives and big brands. This is simply not true. It is an integral part of any person’s professional career. 


Tracking mentions can also be a benefit to departments. Another reason to track your online reputation is that people frequently mention brands online but don't tag them. You might miss valuable data and feedback that could help you grow your brand.

In this article, we will discuss how to track your online reputation. 


Online Reputation Monitoring Software


Reputation monitoring software is a great way to track mentions of your name across Google or social media. Most reputation management software options are great ways to easily track your online reputation, however, there are some important factors to consider. 



Good reputation management software pricing can range from $99/month on the low end, to $399/month for comprehensive all-in-one solutions. Reputation management software cost will depend on exactly what you need to use it for. 



Cloud-based reputation management software will allow you to request and track new reviews from customers. Social media reputation management software allows you to track mentions of your brand as well as trending topics so you can join the conversation.


Set Up Alerts on Google


Google allows you to keep track of your online reputation by sending you a notification if your name is published in a new article. You can select the term you want to track, then set up the frequency you want to be notified and you are all set. Google alerts are a great free resource to keep track of your online reputation.


Best Tools to Track Your Online Reputation


HubSpot Social Media

HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and close & retain customers. They do this through a series of software products that users can utilize in addition to their standard CRM. HubSpot Social Media software is a great way to schedule automated posts, track brand mentions, and keep track of customers all in one place. 


Moz Local Listing Management

Moz Local is an automated listing management tool that syncs location data to partner directories. Moz Local's primary goal is to improve your Google visibility by allowing you to publish location data in bulk and maintain its consistency.


Ahrefs SEO

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolkit for optimizing websites and growing search traffic. Ahrefs crawls and stores huge amounts of data, making it easy to access via an intuitive user interface. The available tools and information database make this the best SEO tool to track your online reputation.


Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a digital platform that allows customers to review a business from which they've purchased a product or service or contacted customer service. The transparency and unique fraud detection software allow tracking reviews and building brand trust all in one place. 


ReputationPrivacy Online Privacy

ReputationPrivacy is an all-in-one online privacy app that allows users to monitor and remove unwanted personal information from the internet. Online privacy protection can often go overlooked but should never be ignored. 


Benefits of tracking your online reputation


Improve customer service

Although customer feedback is sometimes harsh, it's important to not ignore it. Customer feedback is a free piece of advice that you can use for improvement in your product or service. Customers like it when they are heard. Customers are more likely to return to you despite past problems.


Social listening and reputation monitoring let you know in real-time when someone is talking about you. This allows you to improve customer service across every department. 


Crisis management 

Good news spreads fast, and bad news even faster. The ability to track your online reputation allows you to get in front of a PR Crisis before it gets out of hand. You can release a fast, well-thought-out response before the public makes their own opinion. 


Locating growth opportunities

Tracking online mentions allows you to get involved in conversations first and build trust and transparency in your brand. Tracking mentions can help you determine if there is a demand for your product or services in a specific market. You can also test how people respond to your product/service and decide if expansion is a good idea.


Start managing your online reputation today

The online reputation management company allows you to track your online reputation across every digital platform that matters most to your brand. To learn more about online reputation management, contact us today for a free consultation.

How to track your online reputation in 2023