Mugshot Removal: How Long it Takes and What to Do

You may be surprised to find your mugshot online if you were arrested recently. This is an example of insult and injury done well. The first image that appears in a Google search for your name is the one you don't want to be seen.


Your online mugshot can be embarrassing and could damage your reputation. This can damage your reputation and make it difficult to find employment. Even if you weren't charged with the crime, you could still be accused. This is because online companies try to make a profit from this situation. A mugshot can appear on multiple sites. You can easily have your mugshot taken off the internet by working with an attorney who specializes in removing mugshots.


We understand the importance of removing your mugshot before it causes lasting damage. If you have been arrested on criminal charges, we may be able to help you remove a mugshot from the internet.


How long does a mugshot stay on Internet?


If steps are not taken to delete them, mugshots could remain online forever. Even if your records are sealed or expunged which should mean that your case is confidential, a mugshot website may not remove the record of your arrest or your image. It does not automatically delete a mugshot from the internet.


Mugshots are public records in the United States and can be accessed by anyone. It is legal to post details about a criminal record on websites that share this public information.


We offer a free consultation with our online reputation management experts to discuss your individual situation and determine whether we can help you remove a mugshot.


How to remove a mugshot from the internet for free?


The majority of mugshot websites allow anyone who can show documentation proving that they have not been charged with any crime or exoneration documents proving their crimes are sealed now has the option to get free removal.


If you have been found guilty of the crime, or are unable to show documentation of dismissal, you can start by contacting the website directly and asking for removal. 


1. Contact the website owner


Depending on the severity of your crime, the website owner can take your mugshot down upon request. Keep in mind that they have no legal obligation to do so without additional documentation from the court. 


You can search the WHOIS database for key information like registrant name and address status. Some domains use a privacy shield to conceal such information.


2. Contact Google


You can request that Google remove the information from their website. In rare cases, Google may remove content that exposes personal information that can put you in danger. However, Google will usually not take action unless the website violates its guidelines


3. Use a reputation management service


Online reputation management companies will work with mugshot websites to get your records removed. They are more familiar with the process and the documents needed so removal time will be faster and more efficient. However, steer clear of any “guaranteed removals” as they probably are affiliated with the mugshot website and will republish it after removal. 


Our reputation managers will provide a FREE consultation and discuss your mugshot removal options. Keep in mind that you will need proof of dismissal, a not-guilty verdict, or a sealed record by the court to permanently remove all records of your arrest.


Mugshot removal services


In addition to making sure all your mugshots are removed from the internet, we can also remove your court records and background information. Don't delay in repairing your online reputation. Talk to a mugshot removal expert at Online Reputation Management today to find out the steps we can take to help get your mugshot taken down. The initial mugshot removal consultation is free.

Mugshot Removal: How Long it Takes and What to Do